My Family Roots
Craig Snyder, Washington State

Milton Lee Pritchard Snyder Family
Mark, Milt [Dad], Brent, Craig, Matt, and June [Mom]
Richland, Washington, abt. 1963

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My Family at Rootsweb
My Family
Snyder Family Database GED File
Over 20,000 names
Snyder Family Feature
Captain Sampson Snyder

My 2nd Great Grandfather
Daniel Boone Descendants
Descendant pages
Daniel Boone family connection to my family
Pedigree Chart For my Grandparents
Father's Family
Snyder / Pritchard
Mom's High School English Paper,
abt. 1947

Boone Family English Paper
June Brown's English paper pointed the way
to our Boone Family Connection
Pedigree Chart For my Grandparents
Mother's Family
Brown / Brown

In Memory of Mel Snyder
Pics from Uncle Mel's Life
Melvin Delano Snyder
1933 - 2008

In Memory of Mel Snyder
My Uncle Mel's Obituary
Melvin Delano Snyder
1933 - 2008

Craig Snyder's Family Picutures
Family Picture Albums
1950's - 1980's

Milton Lee Prichard Snyder's


Link to Milt's Book Page

"Maybe Milton Should Go Work in the Woods"
and now, new from ...
"The Third Battle of Manassas"

Book Review From the Daily Sun News,
Sunnyside, Washington

Link to copy of Book Revew

Snyder Family Feature
The Snyder Family

Private Pages
Future Carr
Family Page
Future Woodward
Family Page
Future Poff
Family Page

Daniel Boone, Frontiersman
My 5th great grandfather

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Ken Carrico's
Descendants of John Snyder

An Archived Version of Ken Carrico's Site
Which no longer appears on Geocites
Ken Carrico's
Descendants of William Bonner

An Archived Version of Ken Carrico's site -
Which no longer appears on Geocites
Pat Jordan Saletore's
Adonijah Jordan Reunion at Yahoo
Members only page
Pathway: A Family History
Family of Thomas Pritchard - Chapter 4: West Virginia Home
Janet Cooper's
Jonas Cooper Family
Bridgett Edwards Schneider and Terri Bible Strotman
The Bible Family Descendants of Johannes (Hans) Adam Biebel
Tamara Stevens'
Brown Family
Bruce E. Logan's
Van Bibber Family
Margy Ball Miles'
Daniel Boone Family
US Gen Web Project
History of the Cherokee
Cherokee History Site
by Ken Martin
Pritchard Family Page
Descendants of Thomas Pritchard
by Don Norman

Daniel Boone History
Historical information on Daniel Boone
by BoCoMo
An Archived Version of BoCoMo's Site
which no longer appears on Rootweb

originally from:

Nathan Boone Homestead State Park
Nathan Boone State Historic Site
Pritchard Genealogy
Dodridge County Roots

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View of Bellingham Bay
from my Home on Alabama Hill
Used as the Background picture for this page

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