Pedigree Charts for Grandparents
on my Father's side.

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My Grandfather (on my Father's side) . . .

Milton Cooper Snyder: 1904 - 1943
Grandson of Capt. Sampson Snyder

Milton Cooper Snyder at Rootsweb

My Grandmother (on my Father's side) . . .

Marie Alice Pritchard: 1906 - 1991
Granddaughter of Thomas Willis Pritchard of White Oak, WV

Marie Alice Pritchard at Rootsweb

John Wesley Snyder: 1874 - 1960
Son of Capt. Sampson Snyder
John Wesley Snyder Ranch - 1913
4 mile corner, Johnstown School area
Fraser, Clearwater Co., Idaho
Buena [Vandevender], Nola, Hazel Young (friend of Nola), Myrtle (in chair),
Mary (w/ baby Mildred), Milton (standing), Johnny, John W. Snyder

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